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Tom Walker's expertise...

Tom Walker's expertise is best utilized as a stand alone commercial/ industrial photographer where actual imagery generated from REAL situations and ACTUAL locations are needed. Do you need a killer shot of the plant 1347 kms from the head office. Will it require imagination, a 600mm lens - taken at three in the morning from a hill five kilometers up a escarpment so that shareholders stop and actually look at that latest annual report.

Look no further than this guy... It's what he was made for. Continually selected by senior management for difficult and unique concepts needing execution with an experienced and deft hand.Utilizing the very latest in Nikon lens and sensor technology or by 4x5 field camera and a sheet of trany film.

From Russian government leaders to British Royals to Arctic man made oil platforms to gulf of Mexico based semi submersibles to the Hibernia Gravity based Oil installation more than 350 klms out in the north Atlantic to Carbon Sequestration wells in Northern Alberta or Craig Colorado - Tom has been assigned to these jobs and been very successful in unique image procurement. 

Want the latest examples of his work Check Strad Energy's web sites or head office foyer, Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP) 2012 Annual Report.

Any number of Schlumbergers technical devisions presently utilized Tom's eye to garner the best possible photographic harvest.

Choose Tom Walker - 403-949-2431